Diabetic Neuropathy Symptoms Are Complicated

The Solution Is Simple

Diabetic Neuropathy Symptoms are Complicated

Are your symptoms:






The Solution is Simple


 Neuropathic-Diabetes-Fatty Acid

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After struggling with the fact that most neuropathic patients face a life of pain, discomfort, infections and even amputations, a Board Certified Endocrinologist, committed himself to formulating a safer, more natural way to alleviate the pain and suffering of this lifelong nerve condition. Introducing: DHV - NEUROPATHY CARE capsules.

The outcome of many years of dedication, research and clinical trials – this unique supplement is comprised of the antioxidant Alpha Lipoic Acid and the essential fatty acid Gamma Linolenic Acid which increases prostaglandin E in patients, ultimately improving nerve conduction and microcirculation.

So if you or someone you love suffers from the debilitating pain of diabetic neuropathy, try the new, natural supplement that has been proven to work: DHV – Neuropathy Care


Don’t let nerve pain stop you from living a quality lifestyle.


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DHV - Neuropathy Care combines:

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid: A natural antioxidant shown in studies to improves diabetic neuropathy.
  • Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA): A essential fatty acid found in borage oil shown to increase synthesis of prostaglandin E, which improves nerve conduction and circulation.
  • Chromium Picolinate: Serves as a co-factor for insulin action and has been found to improve insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism.

Check all the benefits of DHV:

  1. Promotes increased blood flow to the nerve (Vasa-Nervorum)
  2. Reduces the sensation of numbness in the extremities affected by neuropathy
  3. Reduces the symptoms of painful neuropathy secondary to diabetic neuropathy
  4. Improves the imbalance
  5. Improves the cardiac autonomic neuropathy.
  6. Helps the neuropathic effect of impotence
  7. Promotes Antioxidant protection from glucotoxicity
  8. 100% Natural